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Over 40 Years of Experience


No High Pressure

When you are faced with a huge amount of information to absorb in a limited period of time, Guido understands how this pressure affects you; he will be there to relieve it, not to add to it. In fact, satisfied clients agree that this "low pressure" approach is one of the key reasons why they would put their faith in Guido again.

Guido's top priority is your comfort and peace of mind. The decisions you make now can affect the rest of your life; Guido wants to help you make them easily, and right. 

Fast Relief

When your plate is overloaded with too many choices for you to digest, you need fast relief. Guido appreciates what you are facing when buying and selling your home, and will quickly develop a customized prescription to help you relieve the aches and pains associated with your real estate decisions.

Guido spent forty years in internship, honing his skills and amassing a vast store of detailed knowledge that he will put to work on your behalf.  Guido's extensive building and renovation background means that he recognizes a quality home when he sees it - and recommends it to you.

Around the clock Service

In many cases, decisions must be made within hours or even minutes. You will need the reassurance and advice of an experienced professional. Guido will be there to make certain that your best interests are served, regardless of the hour. He is always a phone call away and his commitment means that you can rest easy.


Your Dream Home

“Guido takes care of us like family.

He has helped us find 2 amazing homes

to raise our growing family”

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